A Wedding

She rode on a camel amid a train of menservants, maidservants, and their belongings. They had traveled for many days, but now they were almost home. Home—to where this very beautiful young woman had never been before. Was she nervous? Was she scared? She had willingly left her family and friends with only hours to pack and say good-bye. Now she was here in a strange land, to marry a husband she had never heard of or seen before.

She wore gold bracelets on her hands and other costly pieces of jewelry and clothing. The chief and eldest servant had given them to her as gifts. Thus she knew the man she was to marry was rich. But she knew something else as well. She knew he feared God. The servant had made that plain too. He was seeking a wife for his master’s son from his master’s kindred line to the covenant. And he sought this wife only with God’s help.

It was a very long way to go for a wife, but his master assured him that the angel of the Lord would go before him. The angel certainly had. How else would this beautiful girl riding beside him leave her father and mother in less than one day to follow him to an unknown country and life? The Lord had prospered his way. That was the only explanation there could be. And now—now they were almost home.

The shadows were long. It was near the close of day. A man stood in a field meditating in prayer. He feared God. He trusted God. He looked up. In the distance he saw a train of camels. Behold, his father’s servant was coming home! He began to walk toward them.

The young woman saw the man coming to meet them.

“What man is this that walketh in the field to meet us?” she asked the eldest servant in the train.

“It is my master,” he replied. It was the man who would be her husband.

As custom fitted, she modestly took a veil and covered herself, then alighted off her camel in respect of him who neared. Soon they were together in the field and the servant told the man, Isaac, about all the things he had done.

What were the thoughts of this bridegroom and bride as they met for the very first time? They feared God. They trusted God. Isaac knew that the covenant promises of their sovereign and loving God would and must be kept: “In Isaac shall thy seed be called.”

“And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife; and he loved her…”

Thus Rebekah became Isaac’s wife, and in due time the covenant mother of Israel. What a blessing. What a privilege. God had purposed their lives to serve His covenant plan of salvation for the coming of Christ and the glory of His name!