The Federation Board wishes to express thanks and appreciation to two young people as they retire from the Staff of our magazine. First, Mary Kregel as she leaves the Public Relations Staff, and secondly, Doris Decker as she resigns from the position of Clerk after many months of dedication and excellent work. May our Lord bless these two retiring members in the future as He has done in the past.
We would also like to welcome three new members to the Staff, WELCOME…to John Flikkema as he replaces Mary Velthouse (nee Kregel), to Linda Sward as she replaces Doris Decker, and to Jon Huisken as he becomes our second Associate Editor of Beacon Lights. Jon, along with the present associate editor, Marv Kamps, will assist the editor, Calvin Reitsma, in the production of our magazine.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 4 June July 1970