Antithetical Trees

The righteous man is likened to a tree—
A lively tree.
The tree produces fruit in quantity
For all to see.

The fruit that man produces is a sign—
A sign of health.
The righteous man is given by His Lord
A lavish wealth.

He learns to love God first, his neighbor too—
His light will shine.
The good works which by faith he can perform
Come from the Vine.

The wicked man also produces fruit—
But his are cursed.
For Satan instigates the work he does:
In sin he’s versed.

A man who loves not God, no good can do:
He cannot win.
Philanthropy may seem benevolent
But his is sin.

For like the fig tree Jesus cursed one day—
It bore but leaves;
So God our deeds and hearts must judge;
O’er sin He grieves.

Our fruit shows forth the focus of our lives.
Lord, make us strong
That our desire may be the glory of Thy name,
Thy praise our song!