Antithetical Walk

My neighbor and I set out one day

To travel the road of life.

The path was wide and beautiful –

Sunshine and gladness were rife.

Onward we journeyed, then we saw on our path

An old man, tired and ill,

Unable to gather strength to get

To the inn at the crest of the hill.

My neighbor rushed past with never a glance;

But I knew what my Saviour would say –

“As thou hast done it to the least,”

Yea, Lord, I will obey.

Then past the hill, my neighbor paused

In a valley, cool and green.

But ere I approached it, a fork in the road

Led me to a different scene.

A sign-post had shown that the path labeled “Pleasure”

Led to that valley so fair.

And the pathway to heaven was rock-strewn and hard

But my Lord was awaiting me there.

So mile after mile the bright way he chose

And his pathway was pleasing to see;

While mine was beset with trials and cares –

Yet through all, God was strengthening me.

And then as I watched, his path was a slide;

Down he plunged – Satan’s pathway so dire –

He could see where the road led, and fain would he stop –

But its end was unquenchable fire!

My road was still hard – but I viewed through the clouds

An unspeakably beautiful sight:

The reward of the righteous – the gift of God’s grace –

The land where the Lamb is the Light!