Are You Going?

It is almost time for the annual Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention. And once again we hear the familiar comment, “Are you going to the convention this year?” This question is one which I am sure all of our young people ask each other each year, and it is the reason that I am writing this article. Too many times we base our decision of whether or not we will go to the Convention on the location of the convention and whether it sounds like fun. The only time that the location should be a factor is in deciding if transportation is possible. Usually the Federation Board supplies the method of transportation, eliminating that problem for Conventioneers. As for being “fun,” almost

everyone that has gone to a convention will admit that having a good time is quite easily achieved.

The financial aspect probably affects our decision more than anything else. Sometimes it is a matter of being able to afford to go to the Convention and sometimes it depends on whether or not you can get off from work. Since part of the Society dues goes to the Convention fund and because there are many money-raising projects, much of the cost of the Convention is cut down. Included in the registration fee charged for the Convention is lodging, meals and transportation to Convention activities, as well as the activities programed. From a vacation outlook there probably isn’t a better bargain available!

So far we have only gone over the practical aspects of going to the Convention. Transportation to the site of the Convention and deciding if it is possible to take off time from work are important factors, but why should we go to the Convention? Sure it’s funs to see another part of the country and it’s fun to make new friends, but is there any other reason why we should go?

Conventions are ideal opportunities for young people to meet together and discuss their convictions. Not only can we have a good time participating in activities with young people of the same faith, but there is exercise for spiritual growth also. This is the most important reason for going to the Convention and we must always keep this in mind. The Convention agendas are always filled with plenty of fun activities, and combined with discussion groups and mass meetings which feature speeches on timely topics, it provides a well-rounded week for our young people. Conventions afford a unique experience in our development as Protestant Reformed young people and I believe that everyone of society age should put forth every effort to attend them.

The value of Conventions is hard to measure. They are very worthwhile as a means oi learning and strengthening our belief, preparing us for what lies ahead. If we come prepared to attend with a good attitude, ready to participate, and willing to share ideas, this Convention will leave an indelible imprint upon our lives.