Be Thou My All

Liken me unto the moon or a star;
Let me reflect of Thine image afar.
Liken me unto the trees to the sky;
Let me raise Thee-ward both arms up on high.
Liken me unto a mount, tow’ring tall;
Let me be seen as Thine only to all.
Make me a river that runs to the sea,
Pouring my heart and my soul into Thee.
Liken me unto the clear springs that flow;
Let my whole life a clean purity show.
Liken me unto a canyon, O Lord;
Echo, I’ll echo, I’ll echo Thy Word.

Be Thou my banner, the rainbow in heav’n;
I’ll see Thy beauty in those colors, sev’n.
Be Thou my shade in this wilderness land;
Thy hand of power will keep me to stand.
Yet Thou wilt lead me to valleys more green;
There will I rest and on Thy bosom lean.
Be Thou my wind, always whispering by;
Comfort me always; forever be nigh.
Be Thou my rain, Lord, in day and in night;
Wash me and make my soul handsome and white.
Be Thou my All, Lord, and keep me from wrong;
Thy blood has bought me; to Thee I belong.