Beacon Lights’ New Website

After months of planning and hard work, the Beacon Lights’ staff is eager to share with our readers the new The website reveals a professional design and layout. Bold colors, sharp pictures, and fresh content fill each page. The user friendly website contains a clear-cut layout that is easy to navigate for readers of all ages.

Why the change?

The old site consisted of a dated design and layout, limited online purchase options, and incomplete archives that were difficult to search. It was time for an overhaul. The new website has been professionally developed by a local design company, and the results speak for themselves.

Start your tour by visiting the Home page; it has been completely transformed. This page features an overview of the latest issue, a quick search tool for navigating the site, and easy access for submitting your questions to Schuyler (who is always hungry for more questions). Spend a few minutes exploring the other pages on the site to see all the changes, including our new professionally designed logo!


Enhancing the Beacon Lights’ online archives has long been a priority of the staff. In fact, some have spent years working on this project. Most of the old Beacon Lights volumes needed reformatting before being published online. With the much appreciated help of many volunteers, most of these volumes have been re-typed. This is still an ongoing project, but there are now a good amount of archives available on the new website for you to explore.

Not only is there additional content, searching the archives has been significantly improved. The advanced search feature allows you to filter quickly through nearly 75 years of Beacon Lights. Search results may be filtered by volume, year, author, rubric, and tags which are the main themes of each article. After the initial search, results may be narrowed further by filtering within the results. The options for viewing the articles or issues have been expanded as well. You can read the articles on our website, download a PDF of the article, or download a PDF of the entire issue.

What a great resource to have at your fingertips.  Readers of all ages stand to benefit from it, but especially the young people. Use it as a resource for school-work, young peoples’ society, and bible studies. Or, instead of spending free time on social media, devote a few minutes scrolling through articles your parents and grandparents may have read or written. Learn about the issues our churches faced in the past. Use it as a tool to learn more about our God and his mighty works.

Checkout Page

The products and subscription offers available for purchase through the website have been expanded. One, two, or three year subscriptions are now available. The two or three year subscriptions will be offered at discounted prices. A multi-year subscription is also an option if you renew by mailing a check. Refer to your next renewal notice for more details. Also available online for purchase are recent back issues and Rev. Harbach’s booklet, An Exposition of Christian Liberty.

Another upgrade to the checkout page is the option to make an online donation. Beacon Lights relies heavily on your financial support. In fact, over half of our revenue is from donations and church collections. As a result of this, we are able to keep our subscription price at a minimum. Thank you!  As a side note, did you know that in the 1940s, Beacon Lights published the names of donors and their donation amounts? Use our advanced archive search tool and see for yourself.

Account Login

There is one final exciting addition. Each subscriber now has their own online Beacon Lights account. Accessing this account allows you to see your subscription details, update your address information, and renew your subscription at any time. Your online account specifies the number of issues remaining on your subscription, your recent purchase history, and the issues that have been mailed to you. Keep in mind, it will only show activity on your account since the launch of the new website and will not show any prior history. If you renew your subscription by mailing a check, your online account will show this payment history as well.

Sounds great, but how do you login?

Go to the Home page on and click “Login” on the top of the page. Next, enter the subscription delivery address zip code and your Renewal Code. The Renewal Code is a five digit code made up of numbers and letters and is unique for each subscriber. It can be found on your next renewal notice and on the mailing label of your latest issue of Beacon Lights, as some of our observant readers may have already noticed. The mailing label also lists the number of issues remaining on your subscription.

As you can see, the website has been completely transformed. Take a few minutes to explore it. If you have comments or questions, contact us through the website. Visit us today at!