Bears=Polar Bears

I like the polar bear because he is one of the biggest and most feared creatures on the face of the earth. The polar bear is tall and white and is as much as 1,600 pounds and can stand 9 feet tall. The polar bear is so strong and so fierce that the Eskimos have fallen many times to the polar bear.

We learn from the polar bear not to be afraid in times of trouble and persecution. God put this animal in our creation to see the beauty and dignity of this animal. He also put this animal in our creation for things like meat, hides for clothing and shelter. Eski­mos also use their bones to make weapons and uten­sils.

God created His creatures to survive and equipped them in their environment. For example, God made the polar bear’s sharp nose for sensing danger and detecting their prey so they can survive. Also, God gave the female polar bear instincts to sense when to hiber­nate. God gave the Polar Bears a place to live which is in the Artic or the North Pole. The white polar bear is an excellent swimmer and is called the champion swimmer of the family. The polar bear is one of the most majestic creatures in God’s creation.