Because my Savior suffered

Upon dark Calvary,

A flood of richest blessings

Has been poured out to me!


Because for sin he suffered,

Forgiveness now is mine;

Because He bore the darkness,

The light for me doth shine!


Because His soul was troubled,

I have eternal peace;

Because he groaned in spirit,

My song will never cease.


Because for me He traveled

The way of poverty,

I now possess true riches.

He gives abundantly!


Because He bore men’s hatred,

My portion now is love;

And He, the “Man of sorrows”

Gives joy like that above!


He passed through death’s dark waters

Eternal life to bring;

And now for the believer

Dread death has lost its sting!


He lives! His resurrection

Assurance now doth give;

Because He lives – He said it –

With Him we too shall live!