Book Reviews for Servicemen

Since this issue of ‘Beacon Lights’ is a servicemen’s issue, I have been asked to review material especially well-suited for use by our men in service. I have located two small meditation booklets which were printed for exactly this purpose.

The first of these is ‘Our Boys in Brown and Blue’, by Rev. Rolf L. Veenstra, a booklet which should prove beneficial to each and all of our boys in the armed forces.

Any young man who enters the service of our country is immediately faced with many problems. This is true for a worldly young man, but it is especially true for one who is also in the service of the King of kings. He must, while surrounded by evils and temptations of every conceivable sort, remain a true soldier of the Cross. He must ever be on his guard lest he fall into the snares of the evil one. Reading and rereading this pocket sized booklet should help our men to do just that.

What about swearing? What about sex? What about drinking? What about gambling?  Why the Bible? Why chapel attendance? Why Christian companions? These questions are discussed separately in a man-to-man manner. The final section answers the question, But how can I maintain my faith while in service?

The booklet may be obtained from the Baker Book House at Grand Rapids for 50 cents.

The second booklet is ‘Road to Victory’ by Rev. Raymond R. Van Heukelom. Here again we have an enlightening pamphlet for our servicemen.

The purpose of the author is not to point out methods which might be used by the armed forces to defeat a human foe, but rather to remind Christian servicemen that they also have weapons with which to overcome their spiritual foes. He shows them how they can maintain their faith and become victors, even over death, by being faithful in prayer, keeping in close contact with God’s Word, and trusting alone in Christ, the Victor.

This booklet is printed by the Society for Reformed Publications, 1519 E. Fulton Street, Grand Rapids. The price is 25 cents.

Beside the above mentioned booklets we might call your attention to a bimonthly publication of the Young Calvinist Federation of the Christian Reformed Church. It is entitled ‘Spires’ and is printed especially for servicemen. It is designed to be carried within the covers of a pocket New Testament and contains brief meditations to accompany daily Bible reading.

It may be obtained from the Young Calvinist Federation, 44 Ionia Avenue, S. W., Grand Rapids 2, Mich.. It is mailed free to servicemen, 20 cents per copy to others.

It must be remembered, of course, that these materials are not meant to be, and definitely must never be used in place of regular Bible study. Also, church papers should never be laid aside or disregarded to make room for such publications. They are to be used only as supplementary material, not as substitutes.