Called to Minister

To know and believe in Jesus Christ
Is to have eternal life.
Our Lord grants all those of His own,
Grace, mercy, peace in strife.
But how shall we learn of Him,
Whom we have not heard?
Who is there to expound for us
God’s holy written Word?

Our Father, true to provide
The needs of His elect,
Calls men to serve the Church of Christ,
To edify, lead, protect.
Men convicted in their hearts
That they must preach the gospel truth.
Men who love the sheep of God,
The old ones, and the youth.

And so, He’s brought to your church, too,
One to stand in the Shepherd’s place.
One well-equipped to guide his flock
Through the struggles they will face.
And yet, he’s just a man,
A sinner, like you and me.
And so he has weakness and faults
That all will clearly see.

But his calling is a high one,
A weighty load, indeed.
And so our Father calls the church
To bear its brother’s needs.
“How shall we begin to minister
To our pastor?” you might ask.
“What are things that we can do
To help fulfill his many tasks?”

First, respect this faithful servant.
Hold him in high esteem.
For he is sent of God Most High
To preach grace to the redeemed.
Encourage him; up-build him;
Listen as through him Christ doth speak.
Apply what you hear each Lord’s Day
To your life throughout the week.

But do not depend on him alone
To cause your faith to grow.
Search daily through the Scripture,
Seek to Him more clearly know.
For when we are a people
Who live out of the Word of God.
When we reject the ways of sin
And the narrow path do trod,
Then we will be less quick to judge,
To note our pastor’s sin:
We’ll be too busy sorrowing
O’r what we find within.

And when he preaches something
That doesn’t sit quite right,
Be ready then to see your sin,
And set your way aright.
And give of your goods cheerfully
To provide your pastor’s earthly needs.
Treat with love the family
Of the man who sows the gospel seeds.

And pray for Him.
Remember him before the Father’s throne.
‘Though he may lead our earthly fight,
The battle’s not his own.

When we walk this way,
And minister with love,
Then more and more we’ll grow to know
Our Servant-King above.
And He will bless our church
As to each other’s needs we tend.
We’ll grow in grace toward one another
In a bond that knows no end.