Christ Our Intercessor

What happened to Jesus Christ our Savior, and what He did for us and in us, Young People, is presented in Romans 8:34.  There we read, “It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again; Who is even at the right hand of God, Who maketh intercession for us.”

Now Christ’s painful death on His cross, His resurrection and ascension into heaven, to sit at God’s right hand, present to us a tremendously important truth.  It assures us that He suffered all that which is needed for us to be saved, and to work in us that which He, in God’s grace, will bring us, namely, everlasting blessedness in Christ’s kingdom.

Today, as born-again children of God, we have that tremendously comforting truth that Christ “maketh intercession for us.” We need that so badly, and it comes to us in God’s grace.  Remember then, and bear in mind the awesome truth that all men, except Christ, come into this world guilty and spiritually dead.  For, as we read in Ephesians 2:1, we all, except Christ, come into this world “dead in trespasses and sins.” And when Christ makes intercession for us, we are born-again children of God, who have a new blessed spiritual life.

Therefore, when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we reveal ourselves to be those who have a very comforting truth, which we must and are called upon to hold on to tightly.  It is so very necessary and comforting then to know and believe that Christ maketh intercession for us.  And the striking thing, Young People, is that we do believe that truth and enjoy it because Christ is making intercession for us.  Let us therefore consider this comforting truth, and thank God for Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension to God’s right hand, and to become our intercessor.

Let us, first of all, bear in mind that when Christ arose, He told His eleven disciples that “all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Matthew 28:18.  That reveals the blessed truth that He arose with a glorious human nature that is higher than the one which Adam had, until he, by Satan’s vile attack fell into sin, and died spiritually.  Christ, our intercessor, revealed a blessed victory for us, and worked it in us.

We do well, therefore, to consider the fact that the word “intercessor” comes from the verb “to intercede.” That verb means to act between persons with a view to reconcile differences that exist between us and Himself.  We by nature love sin; but Christ, as our resurrected Redeemer, changes us to be those who love God, even as He loves God.

Christ makes us, who by nature are the unholy children of Satan, to become holy children of God.  And when Christ returns to this earth, at the end of time, He will make our bodies like His own glorified body, which is already resurrected to a glory that is far above all the highest angels.  Of that we read in Revelation 21:1-5.  There we read of a new heaven and earth, where God wipes away all tears from our eyes, and where there shall be no death, sorrow or crying: and all things are new.  As our intercessor Christ works the love of God in us, and works away the love of sin wherewith we are born.

Thus, as our Intercessor, Christ realizes a most glorious spiritual change in our hearts and minds.  And He causes us to walk differently with our bodies, because He implants in our hearts and minds the love of God.  Indeed, we by nature are desperately in need of that work of Christ upon us as our Intercessor.

Take hold then on this truth, Young People.  Christ suffered the punishment which we deserve.  And He earned for us lives that are more wonderful than those of Adam and Eve, before they fell into sin. Yes, Christ earned for us a more glorious life than the highest angels have, including those which are called archangels, as presented in Jude, verse 9.

Christ ascended up into heaven; and He is enjoying the glory which He earned for us, as members of His body, the church which God designed, and is by Him being brought into existence.  Look up Romans 12:5, Ephesians 1:22 and 23, but also Colossians 1:18.  Christ will lift us up to be higher than the highest angels, with a closer fellowship with God than these angels have.  We read that clearly in Hebrews 1:13, 14.  There we read that God’s angels are not at God’s right hand, and are “ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.” They will be serving us.

Now Christ’s resurrection opened the door, not merely so that we would be delivered from physical death; but we will be where angels will serve us, and where we are made to be more glorious than these angels are.

As our intercessor Christ causes us to love God; and in love we will walk as God wants us to walk.  But today some in the church world, who call themselves Christians, do not believe the truth presented in Scripture concerning Christ.  Yes, they are enthusiastic, and clap their hands while singing; and during the preaching will cry out: “Amen! Hallelujah!” But that does not always reveal faith in Christ as their intercessor.  They reveal merely that they with their flesh enjoy deliverance from physical pain and death.  They do not reveal faith in Christ as their intercessor, Who is working all things together to bring them fully delivered from sin, and to be those who love God and want to serve and glorify Him.

Take note, Young People, and hold on tightly to the truth presented by God, the day when Adam and Eve became friends of Satan.  Look up Genesis 3:15.  There is presented the basic element of our salvation  There in that which is often called “the Mother Promise,” there our God reveals that He will cause His elect to hate Satan and sin; and that we can expect persecution, that Satan brings forth on those that love God.  And that very serious question is whether those who do call themselves Christian, and cry out “Amen! Hallelujah!” when the truth is preached about our deliverance from sin, not merely from the punishment.

Christ did not die, and was not raised the third day, merely in order to save us from the punishment which we deserve.  Christ was sent as our intercessor, Who will cause us to think and will what He thinks and wills.  Salvation, in the first place, is deliverance from sin, and the implanting of love of God in our hearts.  Salvation is not merely, or in the first place, God’s work of saving us from punishment.  It is saving us from the hatred of God, which Satan worked in Adam and Eve.  Salvation is God’s work through Christ, whereby He turns us back to love of God.  And Christ as our intercessor is working that in us.

How about it, Young People, is Christ your Mediator?  Is He working in your hearts and minds, love of God?  Is Christ working in your hearts and minds enmity against Satan, and all that he wants you to do?  Do you want to receive spiritual gifts from God through Christ, so that more and more you hate sin, and you want to serve and praise God for sending Christ as your intercessor, that is, He Who works in your hearts and minds, to walk as He walked in love of God.

Yes, there are those who call themselves Christians.  Yet they push Christ aside, and claim that we should pray to His mother Mary.  Mary is presented in the Roman Catholic churches as one whom we should hail, and one to whom we should pray.  They claim that we need Mary and should go to Christ through her.

The truth of the matter is that Mary needs Christ as much as we do.  By God’s grace, not by her own strength, she brought Christ forth as her son.  But she did not pray to God to let her do that.  She was engaged to Joseph, and did not want a child before being married to Joseph, and to get a son through someone else before marrying him.  She did not pray to God to give her a child through someone less than Joseph.  The child which she did bring forth came in a humanly impossible way.  And when this child did come forth, she correctly said, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Savior.” She boasted of no work she would now do.

Get this truth, Young People.  Mary needs Christ as much as we do.  She does not help us get salvation.  She needs every bit of it herself.  She did help Christ physically, when he was a baby, and later was a physically-developing child.  She did this with the strength and desire that God gave her.  And nowhere in Scripture do we find it stated that we need and depend upon Mary.  Christ is our intercessor one hundred percent.  Besides, Mary is not even able to hear us pray.  She is in heaven with her soul and her body is still in the grave.  What is more, praying to her is the gross sin of idolatry.

Take hold then of the truth presented in Psalm 139:14.  There we read: “I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Our souls must also know that, and not use Mary for our salvation.

We should appreciate and thank God for that resurrection of Christ.  It opened the way for Him to be our intercessor; and thereby to bring us to the blessed life that we will enjoy in the new Jerusalem; when Christ returns to this earth, to bring all the members of His body, all the elect, to that spiritual perfection when, as members of His body, they will walk in love of God.  Christ’s resurrection is proof of our coming resurrection to a life that will be completely without sin, and will be a life of perfect love of God, through Christ who worked this new life into us.