Christian Living and Giving

There is a general attitude among our young people which is becoming more and more prevalent as the times in which we live worsen. This attitude is one of not caring anymore, of just being content to sit back and watch the world go by. This could even be described as selfishness on our part. This is an attitude which should never be found in the true church! The true child of God should be unselfish: always willing to donate whatever he can to sustain the church.

There are three areas in which I have noticed we fall far short. These areas in general could be described as a selfishness in giving of our time, our money, and our talents.

How many times do we skip an event that is sponsored by the Federation Board or by our Young People’s Society and make the excuse that we have no time for things like that? Many times we can’t or won’t go because the event inter­feres with our job. We may also use the excuse of distance. We tell ourselves that events on the other side of town are not worth the drive and the gas that it takes to get there. Who wants to spend a half­ hour driving to an event that will only last an hour? Then we wonder why more activities aren’t scheduled for young people. The reason many times is the lack of interest on our part.

Do we really support the church as much as we are able? That is, how do we as young people support the church monetarily? The old guide for giving was that 10 percent of what we earned went to the church. Many young people seem to think this guide is only applicable to their parents. I think that we should fol­low this guide also. Many times, I know we may skimp on giving to the church, promising to make up for it next week. Taxes and inflation just took too much out of my paycheck this week! The real underlying reason may be that the new dress, car, or stereo we bought means more to us than the cause of God’s kingdom. Instead of giving the church whatever money we have left over at the end of the week, we should take our gifts out at the beginning of the week, and set aside this amount for Sunday. And when we do give, we should always give cheer­ fully and not begrudge this money well spent.

Do we as young people use our God-given talents to the best possible advan­tage when supporting the church? Many of us seem to take the “I can’t” attitude when we are asked to do something. This simple little refusal really implies that we don’t really care what happens to the church. Many of us, when asked to do a job or serve on a committee, are content to do a half-job and let someone else do most of the work, or not work at all. This is a sin! God gave all of us talents to dif­fering degrees, and we must not be ashamed to use these talents to His glory.

Many times our lack of interest and participation comes from a combination of those three things. Maybe as Protestant Reformed Young People our New Year’s resolution should be a re-evaluation of our existence here below. In these three things, we must remember that God has given us these benefits to glorify Him, not ourselves. Let’s use our benefits to His glory and cause!