Combined Meeting

The young people of Oak Lawn and South Holland have been, for some time now, holding combined society meetings once every two months. We alternate with holding them at the two churches. Such was the meeting we held on January 26.

We opened with the singing of several Psalter numbers and prayer by the chairman of the evening, Rev. Vanden Berg. An interesting discussion followed on the parable of the “Ten Virgins.” After a short recess we began our program. The first number was an essay by Ruth Poortenga entitled “Why Protestant Reformed Education?” A vocal duet followed by Eileen and Alice Van Baren. They sang, “Following Jesus.” We then had a reading by Don Haak and a Bible quiz by Albert Buiter. The last number was another vocal duet. This one was by Emma Rutgers and Patheresa Ipema. They sang a Psalter number and were accompanied by Grace Ipema at the piano. Our meeting closed with the singing of a Psalter numher and prayer by Henry Lenting.

We find that these combined meetings give us a chance to become more acquainted with young people of the other church. They are also instructive as all society meetings should be. Why not try a combined meeting with your neighboring Protestant Reformed Church if you don’t already do so?

Originally published in:

Vol. 18 No. 2 March 1958