Convention Preparation

Advertisements of the upcoming convention have been published regularly in Beacon Lights and the deadline for registration is coming up. It is our goal to use Beacon Lights in the issues leading up to the convention to help you prepare for this event with material related to the theme of the church gathered from all nations. Before looking outward at the church as it is gathered from nations distant from ours, this issue takes a look at our own churches. What does church life mean to you? Do you feel that you are a living and vibrant member of the body of Christ? Our reprint of an article by Marvin Kamps asks each one of us some important questions to that effect. In this issue we also look back to some of the deeper roots of our churches as we continue with Professor Engelsma’s remembrances of Rev. Hoeksema, and also look back even further with a book review of a new book that has recently been published. When we look at our own history, we see how God has gathered even our churches and families from diverse backgrounds that are now foreign to our current day to day life. We also hope you continue to use and enjoy the devotional material that Mr. Hunter, along with others, has faithfully provided over the years.