Convention Preview

For the Protestant Reformed young people the week of August 13-20 will mean “Westward Ho”; yet the young people of Redlands have chosen a more important theme for this week. The theme for the 1969 convention is taken from I Corinthians 13; “The Greatest of These”. The speakers chosen to discuss this theme are the following: Rev. Decker, Prof. Hanko and Rev. Heys. They will discuss the sub points I. The Greatest Virtue, II. The Strongest Bond and III. The Highest Calling; as relevant in the lives of young Christians today.
D.V., the schedule of the ’69 convention will be on this order:
On August 13 the plane will land at the Ontario Airport, which is about 30 miles from Redlands. But don’t worry—there will be buses. Following the non-air conditioned trip to Redlands, the conventioneers will be assigned their lodging. This may be a little hectic placing 150 people arriving at one time and no doubt a little patience will be required, but we hope that the convention will warrant this. Then we will go to Sylvan Park for supper, volleyball and swimming.
On the 14th, registration will begin at the church at 9:00; the remainder of the day will be devoted to getting acquainted and organization. The day will culminate with a mass meeting at 8:00 at the University of Redlands.
Friday the 15th we will show our beautiful California mountains to the conventioneers. The day in the mountains will be characterized by discussion groups, lunch, recreation and the inevitable return to Redlands. The closing note of the day will be a speech, again at the University.
Saturday the 16th there will be a trip to the beach; here we will—oh, well, we’ll figure something out!
Due to the lack of extra space in the Redlands church for 150 visitors, the Sunday services will be held at the University Chapel at 10:00. Discussions and debates will be held in the afternoon. Evening services will be at 7:30, followed by a Hymn Sing.
We suggest not eating Sunday evening so as to take full opportunity of the pancake breakfast on Monday morning. Then, after all have been filled at breakfast, there will be a business meeting, lunch and the East-West ball game, of which I will not predict the outcome in order to maintain my neutrality. At 6:00, the banquet will be held at the University in the Casa Loma Room, followed by the final speech.
We hope that on Tuesday the 19th all the young people will take advantage of the trip to Disneyland. There is only one catch to this opportunity; you have to pay for the tickets. But cheer up—we will furnish transportation!
With regard to the discussion groups and debates mentioned above, among the topics that will be discussed are these: Dating, The Generation Gap, The Christian and Politics (Present Demonstrations), Christian Witnessing, Christian Liberty and others. It is the hope of the Redlands society that each and every one of you will be prepared, with his or her guns loaded to discuss these topics.
So as you can see, the Redlands young people are working hard to plan a successful convention for ’69 that everyone will enjoy. And come the 20th of August we will say “goodbye” to young people who were spiritually edified by the 1969 convention.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 4 June July 1969