Convention Reflections

Ralph Vander Lee, Grand Haven, Michigan

This is the first Convention I attended.  I think Hudsonville did a fine job planning it.  I enjoyed it very much.  The speeches were instructive and edifying.  The day was filled with Christian fellowship.  I think we as young people should be very thankful for the leaders God has given us to deliver such wonderful speeches.  I pray that the Lord will sanctify these words to our hearts and lives.  I hope by next year Grand Haven will join the Federation.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Audrey Flikkema, Manhattan, Mont

It isn’t difficult for me to give a few remarks concerning the Convention.  The best of compliments are due the Hudsonville Y. P. S. for their excellent efforts put making the convention so worthwhile.  Everything worked out so remarkably well and according to schedule.  It was good to meet again with all the young people from various societies, to renew acquaintances and make new friends with those who are one in the faith.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Rev. L. Vermeer, Pella, Iowa

I have attended every one of our PRYPSF Conventions, and the one in Hudsonville topped them all.  This convention was very well organized, smoothly run, and the programs kept everyone occupied at the right time.

The speeches were outstanding, with the one delivered at the banquet, outstanding above all for its practical and up-to-date fitness, nicely delivered.  The banquet program was good, except the movie.  Personally I disapprove of movies at our conventions.  I could produce good scriptural reasons of my disapproval, if anyone wanted them.

The outstanding feature of the convention was the genuine spirit of good-will and friendliness noticeable among the future parents of our churches.  We felt the warmth of Christian fellowship.  May God continue to bless our young People’s Societies.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Jean Dykstra, Grand Rapids

The convention was certainly enjoyed and as to the schedule every event was exactly on time and the entire two days were very well managed.  Nothing was missing, it was all complete.  The food was delicious, just right.  Also spiritually, the food had all the nutritious value it could possibly have contained and as a result we Protestant Reformed youth, in those two days, have eaten and digested food which most surely cause us to grow in strength and beauty.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Jane Reitsma, Grand Rapids

This was our first convention and we looked forward to attending for a long time with high expectation, and now that it is over we recall these two days of conventioning with pleasure and enthusiasm.  We had an unusually good time and this was largely due to the well planned entertainment and Christian spirit of all those attending.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Gertrude Yonker, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Pleasant memories of a delicious pancake breakfast, of the theme song echoing from the busses on the way to Tunnel Park, of a good time at the beach, climaxed by the banquet and Rev. Hofman’s inspirational address to “the most beautiful audience in the world”, linger with those who attended the convention this year.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Harriet Schipper, Redlands

Opening my Convention Souvenir Booklet brings back a flood of happy recollections.  It reminds me of two days packed with happenings which gives me joy to think back upon.  Music, triumphant music, a theme song to warm a Christian’s heart, addresses by our ministers that reminded us that strength to bear, endure, suffer and resist is not found in us but in Jesus.  That we must be touched with the brush of God’s grace dipped in the bold of Christ.  A taste of God’s creation in the shade of beautiful trees and the sparkling blue waters of Lake Michigan.

To me they were two days of Christian fellowship, hope and inspiration.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Willametta Van Baren, South Holland, Ill.

The Convention is past but its many memories will long remain with me.  Hudsonville did a wonderful job of making this convention such a success.  It was a great privilege that we, as young people, might spend two days of Christian fellowship together.  I enjoyed every part of the convention from the business meeting to the speeches through the tour and ending with the wonderful banquet.  Everything was well planned so as to give everyone an enjoyable time of friendship with one another.

Thanks to the Host Committee and to all those who made this year’s convention a success.  Right now we look forward to our next convention at Fuller.  See you there!

*     *    *    *     *    *

Jennie Toewater, Kalamazoo, Mich.

As a delegate of the sixth Convention but the first I have attended, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it was very well planned.

Our places of lodging were excellent and the hospitality of those who opened their homes will not be forgotten.  The meetings were well directed and the speakers were very interesting.  The banquet also was excellent.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Josie Lanting, S. Holland

In my opinion the 1946 Convention was grand from start to finish.  I believe Hudsonville should receive much credit for the great work they did.  I enjoyed the speeches and believe all those that listened have certainly derived much spiritual benefit from them.  The banquet climaxed both days and could not have been better.  It has been wonderful to once more get together with all those who hold the same principles, and we can all say—it was good to have been there.  I’m sure we’re all looking forward with enthusiasm to our next convention.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Carl Reitsma, Grand Rapids

I enjoyed this year’s convention more than any other I have ever had the privilege to attend.  The convention was held in a spirit of rejoicing, which was developed by the excellent speeches given by the various ministers on the theme, “The Strength and Beauty of Youth”.  The lectures were practical, interesting and beneficial to everyone who heard them.  The outstanding feature of the convention was that each activity was scheduled according to time and place.  There was no confusion.  A strong sense of unity prevailed, and the bond of Christian fellowship was not broken.  Our congratulations to you, our Host Society, for the way in which you organized these days in convention.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Anne Yonker, Grand Rapids

On behalf of the delegates, parents and friends of the Fourth Protestant Reformed Church we wish to thank you for the splendid time at the convention.

*     *    *    *     *    *

Agnes Van Baren, South Holland, Ill.

The convention was wonderful!  I had the pleasure of attending the Sixth Annual Convention at Hudsonville.  Its many memories will long remain with me.  Having been asked to give my impressions it is quit hard for me to begin as I could perhaps fill a dozen pages.  The Young People’s Society of Hudsonville should be congratulated for making this convention such a grand success.  The convention was well planned.  I especially enjoyed the three addresses given on the well-chosen theme, “The Strength and Beauty of Youth”.  Especially do we wish to thank the families of Hudsonville for their kind hospitality shown to us.  So in the name of South Holland, I can, with assurance say, “Thanks, Hudsonville”, and now we look forward to the next convention at Fuller.  So get ready, we’re coming!