Convention Reflections

This bit of verse came to my mind after I heard Rev. Slopsema’s keynote address at the Convention. If you could find room for this contribution in an early Beacon Lights it might find a response in the hearts of your young readers.


“Have you stopped to consider, on a cloudless night

the awesome beauty, yea, the clear silvery light

of the moon in the heavens — the sun’s reflection,

how faithfully ’tis mirrored in copied perfection?


Tho thousands of suns each shed forth its own light,

our moon ne’ertheless, in her created right

reflect not those beams, but only rays of her sun

as a lesson above us from the Almighty One.


So to learn from our Lord’s “Let your light so shine”

to be flawless reflection of His Light Divine;

then let us observe in creation’s example

the sun and the moon — instruction quite ample.


And how can we as children our Father best please

but to ask for His grace, fallen down on our knees,

“That we may be found shining, Thou Most Holy One,

reflecting, as image-bearers, the Light of Thy Son.”