Convention Speech Synopsis

To be Reformed means that we have to live our faith in truth and godliness. A person can not have the comfort of the Gospel unless he has the truth.

What is Reformed faith? The Reformed faith is expressed in our Reformed creeds which are the three forms of unity, The Heidelberg Catechism, The Belgic Confession, and The Canons of Dordt. These creeds express to us what our Reformed faith is.

What is the specific content of the Reformed faith and creeds? It is the doctrine of the covenant which is a bond of friendship with believers and their children which is passed down from generation to generation. God has chosen in the beginning of time those whom He has loved, those whom He has hated, those whom He has saved, and those whom He has reprobated unto damnation because of their sin.

What does it mean to be confessionally Reformed? It means that we receive the creeds as a binding statement of the truth and the preaching of the word. If we want to be Reformed, then we have to fight for the truth. Many of our fathers and grandfathers in 1924 were knocked out of the Christian Reformed Church because of their faith. Also, there were many congregations that left us in 1953 because of the false doctrine and heresy they wanted to bring into the church. Many of these men wanted to bring into the church that which was not Biblical or creedal so instead of forgiving their sins they left the church.  This is the price that was paid.

The Reformed faith is that truth of Scripture. Today very few people in the Reformed churches will dare to say that the Reformed faith is the truth of Scripture.

To be Reformed in 1986 is very bold because we don’t want to be anything else. We believe that God requires of us to be Reformed. The Reformed faith is the only Biblical faith. Many men today do not want to say that the Bible is infallible.

We want to make sure that we do not betray the truth of Scripture and the Reformed faith. We must be thankful for having been baptized in the church, trained in our own schools, and born in Reformed homes. Many of us take this for granted instead of being thankful for this. All of us are totally undeserving of these blessings, but God has with His grace blessed us with these homes.

A heritage is the truth that is handed down from generation to generation with great care and concern. Our heritage is bought with the price of blood. Many Reformed fathers suffered their lives for the sake of the truth. Many of us may forget the price that our Reformed fathers paid, and if we do then we won’t count dear what they died for and also lived for. Many congregations had to start from the beginning because they paid the price.

In 1986 we look for fruits in the mission fields. Many of the people do not like us. We remain small in number and unnoticed. But the Lord will bring those whom He has chosen to the truth.

We must also remember that the church is always victorious no matter what happens. The Reformed faith is glorious because it alone is Scriptural. It gives all the honor and glory to God and also because it teaches us that our righteousness is in Christ alone and it gives God’s people comfort. The Reformed faith tells us that we must find our salvation in Christ alone and

that He is our righteousness. The glory in the Reformed faith is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our calling is to learn the Reformed faith and to know it so that we might be willing and able to pay the price. This is our calling.

Our calling is to love the truth and also to learn and know the truth. We must do this in praise and thankfulness to God.