Convention Time

The 20th Annual P.R.Y.P. Convention was started with afternoon and evening registration on August 16 at First Church.  Here, each delegate and visitor received his banquet and outing tickets, plus a bright yellow badge announcing the theme, Faithful TODAY!  This was followed by the inspirational Mass Meeting, featuring the speech by Rev. H. Hoeksema on the sub-topic, “Faithful in the Truth.”  He pointed out that God alone is truth, and that to be faithful in the truth, one must be faithful to God.  Only then is he faithful in the church.  This faithfulness can only exist when God bestows His grace and causes His spirit to operate.  Only by this means, can his people continue their struggle against the devil and become examples in the world.

Following the Mass Meeting, refreshments were served and dates were arranged.  Old courtships were renewed and new ones begun.  The 1960 convention was now in full swing.

Wednesday began with a business meeting where proposals were discussed and nominations for officers were submitted.  Then the cars left for Saugatuck and lunch at Mount Baldy.  After a late lunch, the dune scooters provided the thrills and each one was left to find his own way to the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds on Lake Michigan.  Here nearby everyone swam, some even in full dress, as Rev. Vanden Berg may well remember, he was deposited unceremoniously, by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, waist-deep in the water.

This continued until the line formed for a dinner of barbecue, watermelon, pop and milk nickels (Loveland language), after which Rev. J.A. Heys spoke on “Faithful in Walk.”  He stressed the walk a Christian must maintain throughout life. They should do only that which is in complete harmony with Christ’s will.  Each should ask, “Would Christ be willing to do this with me?”  Faithfulness in walk, implies a real walk which should carry us more frequently into the house of God, and to diligence in His Word.  Our total dependence must be upon our God and Him alone.

The final day of the 1960 convention began with the traditional pancake breakfast and was followed with a panel discussion on the subject of how the world shows hostility to the Church today.  Next came the business meeting.  All proposals were passed with only one minor change.  Instead of the proposed $8.00 assessment per member, it was raised to $10.00.  From this, $2.00 would be appropriated for the new scholarship fund to help prospective teachers and ministers.  The third proposal provided for another season of studying from the Book of Revelation.  Finally, the new Federation Board officers were chosen.  Emerging victorious were, Harry Langerak as the new President, Mary Beth Engelsma as Secretary, Vice Treasurer, Dave Ondersma, and Librarian, Bonnie Bylsma.  Replacing Rev. Mulder as one of the advisors was Rev. G. Vos.

After a 6:00 p.m. picture at First Church, everyone went to Mayfield Christian School for a splendid banquet in a Japanese setting.  A small group from Edgerton, however, became quite lost and ended up at an entirely different banquet and although invited to stay, they decided that the food at their own was better and eventually found their way back.

The after dinner speaker was Rev. G. Vander Berg who developed the sub-title “Faithful Unto Death”, pointing out that our faithfulness, cannot be a temporay of part time thing, but must be even unto death.  And not only must it be even until death, but also unto death.  Believers should be willing to die for their truth.  They are constantly faced with the enemy, death, but their strength lies in God and He will Hold him fast.  If God is for us, no one can possible be against me!

After the speech, Mr. R.H. Brower showed beautiful pictures of nature.  Then the new officers were presented and it was announced that Loveland Colorado, would be the scene for the 21st convention.  After the speech, Mr. R.H.  Then were the new officers presented and it was announced that Loveland, Colorado, would be the would be the scene of the 21st convention of 1961.  The new president closed with prayer, and after bidding each other Sayonara, the 1960 convention was a memory of the past.