Death…and Life!

There in his chair the old saint sat

His body weak, his face forlorn.

The mind that once was bright, alert

Was now so dull, its memory torn.


His days of Spring and Summer gone;

The Fall of life—it too had flown.

And deep in Winter’s drab he sat

With sightless eyes and soul’s deep groan.


Now Death has come to take away

This loved one who once talked with us.

His soul has risen to Heaven’s throne;

His body will sleep in earth’s warm dust.


But soon will come Resurrection Day!

The trump shall sound! The dead shall rise!

His body in its weakness sown

Shall in perfection gain the skies!


What an awakening that will be!

Eyes so long blind—what sights behold!

And meeting Jesus face to face

His Savior, Lord—what joy untold!


Oh, blessed death that takes our life!

The sting is gone! It gives release

From earthly cares and troubles sore

The gateway to eternal peace!


Lo, don’t despair, dear Christian friend,

As you grow old and suffer loss.

It’s only a temporary state

Just keep your eyes fixed on the cross!


Life’s winter days will soon be done!

And springtime will return once more

A home in Glory waits for you

Just over there on Heaven’s shore.