Defending the Truth of 24-hour Creation Against Current Heresies

There are several reasons why we need to understand Genesis 1, and how to defend 24-hour creation. First, Genesis 1 begins with “in the beginning.” This is the beginning of God’s sovereign plan of salvation which he would work through his son for his people. Secondly, it is likely that we will be exposed to a creation heresy, if we have not yet been—in a non-PR high school; in college; or in the work place. Finally, it is important for young people to understand the truth that has been held to in our churches, because some of you will be the future pastors, elders, and deacons; and more of you will be mothers and fathers who must teach the truth to your children today.

  1. What is the theory of long-day creation? Why is it important to believe that God created all things by his spoken word? Why do many people of the Reformed faith believe this theory of long day creation? How is 2 Peter 3:7-9(a text commonly used to support this theory) correctly interpreted?
  2. Unbelieving scientists think animals lived and died on this earth for thousands of years before man lived. What is the problem with the idea that these animals died before Adam even lived on this earth? The Bible says that death is God’s punishment for sin, was that not only for man since he it was that sinned?
  3. Did God create all things as an undeveloped or mature creation? Find as many verses as you can from Genesis 1-2which support your answer.
  4. What is the teaching of theistic evolution? How do Romans 1:20and Hebrews 11:3 indicate that this teaching is wrong? Do our Reformed creeds indicate that Reformed believers may not hold to this teaching?
  5. What is the difference between theistic evolution, and atheistic evolution (to which most unbelievers hold)?
  6. When we are in school how do we deal with text books that talk about the world being millions and millions of years old? How about a teacher that teaches an old earth?
  7. Some say that our view of creation does not affect our salvation; so we should not spend much time discussing our disagreements. Do you agree?
  8. Creation scientists attempt to prove from nature that creation is a better option than the theory of evolution. Is this a valid way to defend the biblical doctrine of creation?
  9. How must the church watch for and guard against such heresies? Matthew 16:19John 20:23Matthew 18:15
  10. What ought we say to members of churches that tolerate theistic evolution, and do not discipline those who teach this heresy? 2 Corinthians 6:14,15
  11. Martin Luther took a stand against the whole church. He knew the church of that day was wrong, and all by himself he had to stand for the truth. How about us? Would we be able to stand all by ourselves for the truth?