Deism and Movies – Are You a Deist?

What is a Deist?

Deism is a theory of Man. It says that God is outside of creation. Their God just winds up creation like a clock and lets it go all by itself. He created the world, gave it its power and laws and then left and let it run by itself.

A good theory? Of course not!!!

Why not? Because it separates God from the world.

First, it denies that God by His providence upholds and governs all things.

Secondly, it denies that God is in this creation (Acts 17:27b, 28a).

So that is Deism, but why bring it up? And besides, what does it have to do with movies?

Sometimes it seems that Christians, including young people, believe in this horrible theory of Deism. Listen once!! Do you believe in Deism when you go to the drive-in movies?

Do you believe in it when you are buying your tickets at the booth of the theatre?

Do you believe in Deism when you and your date sit in the car at the end of a dark path, with the headlights out?

Do you believe in it when the gang gets together for a couple of beers?

Also, it seems you may be a Deist when you light up, knowing that the rules prohibit it.

By the way, in case you did not take the time to look up Acts 17:27b, 28a it says, “…Though He be not far from every one of us: for in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

A Deist is one who goes to the movies or parks, or has a beer party and thinks that no One has seen him.