Delegates to the 1969 Convention

Your Attention Please: You as delegate, have a special responsibility at the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention. You occupy a very important position. You have special duty. You, along with three other young people, represent your entire society.
Yours is the privilege, and also the right, to air the views and disagreements of your society about society life, the Federation Board and the Beacon Lights. Yours is the right to aid in the development of the Federation. Yours is the privilege to consider beforehand the nominations of the Board and also the right to bring the nomination from your society. Also, you should consider the agenda to be brought forward at the Convention. Then it’s your heavy responsibility to seriously elect the Board members for the following two years and also to decide matters which might affect society life for many years to come.
At this time the Federation Board would like to offer a suggestion to the young peoples’ societies and especially their presidents. We advise that your society call a business meeting a week or two before the Convention. At this meeting the nominations for the Federation Board members should be taken into consideration, as well as other nominations which your delegates can bring to the Convention. It is also expedient that at this meeting the society advise its delegates on how to vote on other parts of the agenda. Many important revisions of the Constitution are being brought to the Convention by the Board. These revisions should be very deliberately thought over so the delegates will be able to vote wisely. The Board will do its utmost to get the agenda out to the societies a few weeks before the Convention.
The affairs of the Federation should not be taken lightly. It is a cause very much worthy of its existence and deserves your serious consideration beforehand concerning these important matters.
See you all at the 1969 Convention.

Originally Published in:
Vol. 29 No. 4 June July 1969