Editor’s Note

Publishing one issue on the topic of union with Christ is like publishing a one-page summary of Calvin’s Institutes. It will not say all that needs to be said, but hopefully it will whet your interest to study more deeply about the subject.
The doctrine (I am tempted to call it a super-doctrine since so many other teachings flow out of it) has certainly been enjoying renewed interest in the church world at large over the last number of years. This can be seen in the number of books and articles published on the topic. This additional attention is welcome, as it gives us an opportunity to further plumb the depths of this truth, but it can also be dangerous when this truth is mishandled (see the review in this issue).
Another great way to delve deeper into the subject will be to attend the bi-annual conference sponsored by the British Reformed Fellowship. This conference will be held from July 11–18, 2020, at Castlewellan, Northern Ireland. The theme for the conference will be Union with Jesus Christ. Although it may pinch the pocketbook, can you imagine a deeper, more satisfying week than spending it engrossed in studying this topic? And don’t forget the ringing endorsement by Samantha and Kayla Velthouse in the December 2018 issue of Beacon Lights regarding a previous BRF conference: “It was one of the greatest Lord’s Days we have experienced because of the fellowship and gathering of so many people from around the world to worship in one place, including people from Hungary, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Singapore, among others.” For them, as for so many others, it was an “experience [they] will never forget.” Information will be posted at when available.