Editor’s Notes May 1992

I hope to be able to introduce our new editor-in-chief in the next issue. The staff is carefully considering those who desire to be editor.

I knew this would happen. Since we had an overwhelming response to the writing contest in the 3rd – 4th grade level, those grades will have separate winners. And also, you will have to wait until the June/July issue to know who won in each level of the writing contest. The winners will be notified in May. Look for the winning articles in future issues.

Prof. Hanko gives us another excellent article in his series on the Janssen Controversy, “Chap­ter V – The Relation Between Common Grace and Janssen’s Views” (4). I want to thank Prof. Hanko for giving us a clear picture of some of the erroneous views of revelation. In addition, he mentions Prof. Homer Hoeksema’s book, The Doctrine of Scripture. You can obtain this book for $6.95 plus $1.75 for postage by sending your request to the Reformed Free Publishing Associa­tion, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, MI 49501. The Doctrine of Scripture, a supplement to Reformed Dogmatics, sets forth the truth that Scripture is God’s inerrant Word, coming to us with its own absolute authority and demanding of us an unconditional faith. Contemporary and clearly written, it is a valuable addition to a Reformed reader’s library. A textual index is included.

Rev. John Heys brings us a two-part series on “Drifting With The Wind.” As usual. Rev. Heys captures the meaning of Hebrews 2:1 with vivid pictures from life and presents them to us for our benefit. He covers such subjects as drifting away from the entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, Satan’s blowing winds of false doctrine, and the lie of Arminianism. In the next install­ment, Rev. Hevs will continue to look at the awful tragedy of drifting away from the truth.

Revs. Ron Cammenga and Russ Dykstra spoke at the Young Adults Spring Retreat. Rev. Cammenga’s speech, “Living The Antithesis In Our Personal Relationships”, is found in this issue. He writes, “The relationships of the young people ought to be matter of concern to the church because God Himself is concerned about the friendships of Christian young people. This belongs to the antithetical life to which God calls every young person.” With this we wholehearted­ly agree. Rev. Cammenga divides his speech into four parts: The Warning Against Friendship With The World, The Reasons Why Friendship With Unbelievers Is Forbidden, The Positive Calling, and Friendship At What Cost? Thank you. Rev. Cammenga, for sending your encouraging spring retreat speech to us.

Mrs. Brands, in Letter #18, studies Ecclesi­astes 5:1-7, Introduction, “Manipulating God?!!” A surprising title! Solomon looks at “. . . people who realize that there is a God but who fail to love God and His righteousness and therefore who fail to give Him due reverence and feel they can manipulate Him to serve their purposes.” But as Mrs. Brands points out, the question for us is “Do we also in any ways ever try to do this?”

Lori Ellerbroek supplies us with the latest in church news. Keep sending her your church bul­letins. Her new address is: 14320 Pine Creek Drive, Holland, MI 49424. I thank Lori for her faithfulness in being our Church News editor.

The series on the ten commandments contin­ues with The Second Commandment by Mr. Don Lotterman from our Hope (GR) PRC. You will probably be surprised by some of the ways in which Mr. Lotterman shows us how we make images of God in our mind. Thank you, Don, for giving us a deeper understanding of the second commandment.