Editor’s Notes – November 1990

Friends are a blessing from God.  We need friends, the right God-fearing friends.  Gramps provides us a look at friendship and what we can do to be a true friend in his article “A Friendly Letter to My Grandchildren.”

Why should we remember the Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day?  The fact that some of them were Calvinists might surprise some of you.  Mrs. Gertrude Hoeksema writes in “One Small Candle, A Tribute to God’s Goodness,” about the history surrounding Thanksgiving Day and what that history means to us today.  We thank Mrs. Hoeksema for providing us with a very interesting and informative article on the history of the church.  We hope to receive more articles from her ready pen in the future.

Mrs. Hoeksema has also provided us with a Thanksgiving poem “I Will Rejoice.”  Read and enjoy this timely poem that brings to mind the need to trust in God and give Him thanks for what He gives us each day.

From the Pastor’s Study, Rev. Heys gives us an encouraging article on “Singing a New Song.”  Why do you sing?  Why do you listen to other people sing?  What songs do you listen to on the radio?  These questions and others are answered by a beloved pastor of many years.

Prof. Hanko’s series on “To Lose the Battle and Win the War:  Chapter III—The Issues in the Battle (3),” reveals the fact that a denial of many of the basic truths of Scripture results from a wrong view of inspiration.  What Dr. Janssen taught denied that the Bible was wholly God’s Word.  We hope our readers are enjoying the development of this series on the history that led to the formation of our Protestant Reformed Churches.

Mrs. Brands provides us with Letter #8 Ecclesiastes 2:24-26, “God Gives Joyful Meaning to Labor.”  Solomon teaches us that we labor diligently because we love God.  But there are those who teach other reasons for labor.  Why not compare your reasons to Solomon’s?

Brad Brower writes about the Cult of True Womanhood in an article by the same name.  We want to thank Brad for a brief look at this cult.  That reminds me of the fact that the R.F.P.A. is considering gathering together materials on the subject of The Woman Blessed of the Lord.  Look for this publication in the future.

In anticipation of Christmas, we have asked Mrs. Vivian Haney to provide us with a look at Advent and its meaning.  She also provides a four week schedule your family could follow in the celebration of the birth of God’s Son.  Read and enjoy.

When we receive all the speeches and convention impressions from the convention we will be able to provide those who attended with a special convention issue.