Everyone Help or It Will Die

Young people, please read this bit of information and take some truly deep concern.

Our Beacon Lights requires much work not only from the staff but from all of our voting people, which we are not receiving. Presently we have a distinct lack of interest and partic­ipation in our magazine which is ex­tremely sad. Considering that the Beacon Lights is the only magazine that we publish and considering the number of young people within our Protestant Reformed churches we should hide our faces in shame. In the past few years we have had an extremely small amount of contributed articles. Also we receive very few volunteers for writing articles. Almost our entire work is done by appointing and even then many refuse. This is pathetic! Where young people, are all of our thoughts and questions hidden? The possibilities of having an excuse for creating this kind of situation for us is simply all together impossible! It is inexcusable and even more, it is a sin. We cannot function if we do not have a great improvement and much cooperation immediately. If we cannot show any more concern than this, then what can we expect from the generations to follow? We must realize the im­portance of communication among each other and those around us. The means of sharing is almost endless: yet we do not see it. If we can find our spare time so easily used by that which is not required of us and let our magazine die then there is some­thing very wrong — wrong enough so that we better revaluate ourselves quickly. We definitely can expand the size of our magazine and realize that it calls for no talent or challenge whatsoever for it to become sickly forgotten. For all those interested in attending our meetings you are wel­comed. Our meetings are open.

The Beacon Lights needs more support in everything, from the mak­ing of the magazine to the attendance of the Beacon Lights singspirations. The Beacon Lights needs you! Your Christian duty is never to be left for the next person to fulfill.

Young people, please do consider the seriousness of this problem be­cause time is not something which returns to its author to be relived or revised. Thank you.