Excerpts of Hope

Our son wrote down these sermon notes before he had to be taken into care and kept on medications to help calm and control him. In spite of his severe handicaps, he wrote these notes himself while attending the Sunday sermons.

How thankful we are that we worked for the most part diligently with him while he was in our care. May these notes be an incentive to work faithfully with our children while we have opportunity. That opportunity stopped quite suddenly for us. We thank the Lord for all that our son has in his mind and heart where ever God places him to live now.

“God is my refuge and my strength. God is our refuge and our high tower. We have a high tower which we can run to. The wrath of God poured on the Lord Jesus Christ for our sins. Jesus is our helper in time of trouble. He spared not his own Son. We may not fear this evil—not today and not tomorrow not forever. We will not fear any evil. I will not be afraid. … We are in the midst of God. The child of God makes this confession to the end of the world. … The text speaks of a blow and the blow of God’s heavy hand. That now he has no joy in this life. We are separated from our fellow beings. I will not speak evil of God. Whether it be bad or whether it be good. A storm or a flood or an earthquake. God has all power in heaven and on earth. We may not complain of God’s justice. Thou hast corrected man for his iniquity. That they may have repentance and flee to Jesus Christ. God corrects us in some great evil. That he will give us a perfect life in the new creation in heaven and earth. Seek for the heavenly life. Speak to me about his saving purpose. Oh the blow that was on Christ Jesus was a heavy one.”

“The Lord guides his people through the valley of the shadow of death. This Psalm speaks of the good Shepherd and his people as sheep. The Lord God says come and feast with me. A banquet prepared by the good shepherd. …Thou preparest a table before me. That I may spiritually eat and drink and have fellowship. It is a meal that has been prepared for us—this supper to be enjoyed all the days of our lives. He prepares a table before us and prepared a table for his own son. When we come to this table we must have our heads anointed with oil.”

“Assurance is a work of grace. The Spirit witnesses in my heart. Exert yourself to make your calling and election sure.”

“I am staggered by the fact that Christ became like us. It is a fearful thing, wonderful thing that I was made by God. This mystery of godliness is a great mystery. That faith has to receive the incarnation. Without faith and the revelation nobody can comprehend the least bit. … Christ loved us eternally. He was wounded for our transgression. The word was made flesh and dwelt among us. So when we get to heaven this will be our confession. We need help in times of trouble. Jesus our Saviour gives us help. Christ Jesus succors us. Christ had to be like us so that Christ can give us his help. Christ gave us his very own life.”

Let us never underestimate the power of God’s grace to work saving knowledge within the hearts and minds of our children in spite of the severe handicaps they might have. “Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord” (Psalm 31:24).