Federation Board Nominees

Young People, during your society year you elected two delegates to represent you at the 2009 summer convention. During the convention there will be a meeting that these delegates will attend to vote for new Federation Board members. The members of the Young People’s Federation Board make many decisions concerning conventions, mass meetings, singspirations, and the Beacon Lights. Following is a list of nominees and their goals for the Fed. Board. Those who are elected to serve on the Federation Board will serve two year terms beginning at the end of this summer. The terms are two year commitments because those who are elected to be a Vice will assume the actual position the second year DV.

Nominees for Vice-President are Jared Langerak and Joshua Engelsma.

Jared is twenty years old and a member of Southeast PRC. He is a pre-med student at Calvin College, and he also works as a janitor. Jared’s goals for the Fed. Board are to maintain the good leadership and faithful guidance that the Fed. Board provides the Young Peoples Societies, to engage the Young Peoples Societies in more Federation-wide activities, and to involve more young people in writing articles for our Beacon Lights.

Josh is also twenty years old and a member of Hope (Walker) PRC. He is a student at Calvin College and works for Razor Sharp Lawn Care during the summer. Josh would like to have the Fed. Board encourage more fellowship among all of our Young People’s Societies as well as continued spiritual growth of the young people.

Rebecca Koole and Laura denHartog are the two nominees for Vice-Secretary.

Rebecca is nineteen years old and a member of Hope (Walker) PRC. She is currently finishing up the Medical Assisting Program at Davenport University. Rebecca’s goal for the Fed. Board is to continue its work in keeping the Young People’s Societies organized and united, to promote the spiritual growth of the young people during each society year through annual mass meetings and singspirations, and to encourage leadership among the young people.

Laura is nineteen years old, and she is a Veterinary Assistant. Laura is a member of Southwest PRC. Her goal is to encourage more young people to participate in the Bible studies and activities in their own church and those sponsored by the Fed. Board.

Nominees to serve in the capacity of Vice-Treasurer are Tyler Doezema and Scott Mingerink. Tyler is twenty years old and a member of Faith PRC. He is a full-time student at Aquinas College and a tax intern with Beene Garter LLP. Tyler’s goals are to faithfully carry out the duties appointed to him and to encourage spiritual growth and active involvement of our young people.

Scott is a member of Southeast PRC. He is nineteen years old, and he is studying Business Management and Accounting at Grand Rapids Community College. Scott also works for Columbia Pipe and Supply. His goal is to have the board emphasize the importance of godly, antithetical living of young people living in an increasingly wicked world.  As the future of the Protestant Reformed Church, our actions and activities in our youth must reflect who we are.

Nominees for Librarian are Laura Kaptein and Elizabeth Noorman.

Laura is a member of Faith PRC, and she works for Spectrum Net Designs. Laura’s goals for the Fed. Board are to encourage the young people to attend the activities that are planned for them, to get the societies of our churches involved with each other, and to encourage the young people to grow in their faith.

Elizabeth is nineteen years old, and she is finishing up the Dental Assisting program at Grand Rapids Community College. Elizabeth is a member of Southeast PRC. Her goal would be to do her best so that the Fed. Board could continue to carry out its purposes.

The two nominees for Spiritual Advisor are Rev. Van Overloop and Rev. Haak.

Rev. Van Overloop is the minister of Grace PRC. Rev. Van Overloop would like to help the Fed. Board continue to provide good leadership to the Young People’s Societies, and especially to the church hosting the convention. He would also like to see the age gap between the members of the societies and the members of the Fed. Board narrowed.

Rev. Haak is currently the minister of Georgetown PRC. Rev. Haak’s goals are to create in all the Young People’s Societies an awareness of each other, to keep each Y.P. Society aware of the Fed. Board’s plans and activities, to circulate discussion and study material that has been used and found helpful, and to encourage personal use of talents, special music numbers, etc. at meetings.

Now that we have introduced you to the nominees, along with their goals, you are urged to prayerfully consider these nominees. We ask that you pray for the delegates representing you at the convention and for the current Fed. Board members as we continue to make decisions regarding the activities and publications designed for the young people of the PRC.