Federation Board Nominees

This year’s Young People’s Convention is in sight as summer is just around the corner. At the convention, the delegates of each Young People’s Society will be electing the new officers that were nominated by the Board of the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young Peoples Societies (Fed. Board). Those who are elected will take up their position at the end of the summer.

Because the Fed. Board meets monthly, it is necessary that all its members be from the West Michigan churches. Regrettably, that means that few of the young people from the west know the people nominated. For that reason, the Fed. Board wishes to introduce the nominees to all the societies.

The nominees for the office of vice president are Joshua Engelsma and Ryan Barnhill. Josh is nineteen years old and is a student at Calvin College. He attends Hope Protestant Reformed Church. Josh hopes to increase the awareness of and interest in the activities of the Fed. Board and to generate increased participation among our young people.

Ryan Barnhill is a member of Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. At nineteen years old, he works at Topcraft Metal Products and attends Grand Valley State University. His goal for the Fed. Board is to ensure that there is an ever-growing possibility for young people to be involved in with various activities, putting special focus on the convention.

The two nominees for vice secretary are Emily Kuiper and Rebecca Koole. Emily Kuiper is a nineteen year old student at Davenport University. She goes to Southeast Protestant Reformed Church. She would like to have more interaction between the young people of the individual Protestant Reformed Churches through different activities held by the Fed. Board or by invitation of Young People’s Societies.

Rebecca Koole is an eighteen year old who attends Hope Protestant Reformed Church. While attending Davenport University full time, she also works at Motman’s Greenhouses and Orchards. She hopes to continue the Fed. Board’s work in keeping the Young People’s Societies organized and united. She also wants to promote the spiritual growth of the young people during each society year through annual mass meetings and singspirations, and encourage leadership among the young people.

One of the nominees for vice treasurer is Blake Wieringa. Blake, at twenty years old, attends Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church and is a student at Calvin College. He would like to bring the Fed. Board to the next level by helping them get things done effectively and efficiently.

Ben Rau is the other nominee for vice treasurer. He is nineteen years old. He is a member of Hope Protestant Reformed Church and is a pallet worker. He wants to assist in the oversight of the Young People’s Federation.

The two nominees for the office of Youth Coordinator are Joel Langerak and Carl Kalsbeek. Joel is thirty-three years old and is a member of Hope Protestant Reformed Church. He is a production manager at Royal Technologies Corp in Hudsonville.

Carl Kalsbeek, at thirty-two, attends Faith Protestant Reformed Church. He is a plumber. He would like to help in the planning of events and activities for the young people to promote a Christian unity in the denomination for years to come.

The two nominees for Spiritual Advisor are Rev. Daniel Kleyn and Rev. Carl Haak. Rev. Kleyn is the minister at First Protestant Reformed Church in Holland. It is his desire to see the Fed. Board, through its activities, provide good spiritual guidance and opportunities for spiritual growth to our young people.

Rev. Haak is the pastor of Georgetown Church. His plans for the Fed. Board would be to keep societies informed of upcoming conventions and promotions, as well as fundraisers. Also, he would like to foster a sense of unity through the mass meetings, and give the opportunity for growth in leadership on the part of those who are chosen to serve on the Fed Board.

We, as members of the Federation Board, feel that all these nominees will be able to carry out their work with the Protestant Reformed Churches and our Young People’s Societies. We ask that each of our young people prayerfully consider each nominee for their specific office on the Federation Board.