Federation Board Report

Your Federation Board has held three meetings since our last convention. In our Septemher meeting a committee was appointed to draw up a list of topics from our library file for society after-recess programs. This list was completed and is now in the hands of the secretaries of our various societies. It is the hope of the Board that, since the organization of the library is now completed, the young people make use of it.

Once again the Board planned a Reformation Day Mass Meeting for the societies in and around Grand Rapids. Rev. McCollam gave a very interesting and informative speech. Arn. Dykstra from our Hudsonville Church favored us with a vocal solo and Jim Jonker and Mary Pastoor favored us with an organ and piano duet. The after recess section of the program was climaxed with a debate on the topic: Resolved, that revolution under tyrannical government is principally right. Cornie Bykerk and Lam Lubbers debated on the affirmative with Bob Decker and Jake Kuiper on the negative. The judges announced that the negative won the debate.

The Board also decided to have our copies of The Standard Bearer bound for use in the library.

We are looking for any proposals which you might wish to present at the coming convention. Proposals should be in the hands of the secretary not later than the first of April.

Originally Published In:

Vol. 18 No. 2 March 1958