Federation Board Report

As another Society season comes to a close, we, the members of the Federation Board, would like to take this opportunity to report on our activities of the past year.

Since the Board feels that it is vital for our Protestant Reformed Young People to have fellowship not only in our own societies, but also together, a Society visitation schedule was drawn up for the various Societies in the Grand Rapids area.

Our annual Mass Meeting, which is usually held in the fall, took place on February 25, 1964, in Southeast Church. Seminarian Robert Decker spoke on the topic: “Love Your Enemies”. As part of the after recess program, Mr. Donald Faber showed us pictures of his trip to Jamaica.

The Board appointed a Spring Banquet Committee. The Banquet was held in First Church on May 12. We would like to thank the committee for the many hours of work and effort which were put into this banquet.

The Board has also been active in the operation of the Beacon Lights, which has so large a part in strengthening our faith and edifying our spiritual life. The Board has appointed writers for the Bible outlines and filled vacancies on the staff when necessary. During the past year, the following people have been assigned posts on our staff: Lois Schipper and Dale Kuiper—Scholarship Committee; Mary Beth Lubbers—Alternating with Miss Lubbers on “Critique”; Pat Kamps—In town Subscription Manager, replacing Judi Bylsma; Karlene Oomkes—“News, From, For and About Our Churches”—Replacing Mrs. C. Kregel.

The 1964 Annual Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention is being held in our Hope Church on August 25, 26 and 27. At this time, the Board has received and approved the following information:

Theme—“Be Ye Holy”
1. “Be Ye Holy Personally”
2. “Be Ye Holy with Friends”
3. “Be Ye Holy in the World”
Text—I Peter 1:15, 16
Theme Song—Psalter Number 321

What more wonderful opportunity can we Protestant Reformed Young People have than to all unite together, whether from far or near and praise the Lord our God.

The Board would like to present the proposals which have been drawn up for the 1964 Convention:

It is proposed:
1. That the study of the book of Genesis be continued during the 1964-65 season.
2. That the assessments remain the same as this year per person ($10.00-$6.00 for Society dues, $2.00 for Beacon Lights and $2.00 for the Scholarship Fund).

It will also be necessary to elect the following to the Federation Board: President, Secretary, Librarian, Vice-Treasurer and Advisor.

As we look back on this past year, we thank our Heavenly Father, who guided and directed us in all that we have done and ask His continued blessing upon us in this coming year.

See you at the 1964 convention.