Federation Board Update

Trevor is currently the president of the Federation Board and is a member of Faith Protestant Reformed Church in Jenison, Michigan.

Another year has come to a close and a new one has started. We look forward to the new year and getting the new members involved. There are many questions that arise which hopefully I will be able to give an answer to. What is the Federation Board? What is its purpose? In writing this article we hope to clearly state what exactly the Federation Board is and who is involved.

Many people have heard about the Federation Board, but do not know what goes on behind the scenes. The main purpose of the Federation Board is to get the young people of our congregations involved with one another. We establish activities and events to foster this involvement. We work to organize mass meetings, singspirations, and conventions. It is in our best interest as members of the Fed. Board to get societies to work in close unity one with another.

Another way we work to foster unity and fellowship among young people is through the work of the Beacon Lights. Beacon Lights is a branch of the Federation Board that exists to encourage the development of faith and doctrine in the young people by providing sound reading material. Such work requires writers willing to contribute and spend time helping covenant youth. We are thankful for all the time and energy given to the publication.

The last and most important purpose of the Federation Board is that we give united expression to our Protestant Reformed character and walk. We are to express ourselves by our walk and confession being in unity one with another.

Who is involved in the Fed. Board? We have lost a few members and gained a few this year, and on behalf of the Fed. Board, we express our thanks to those who are leaving: Corey Terpstra (President), Maria Bodbyl (Secretary), Nathan Yonker (Treasurer), Brad Duistermars (Youth Coordinator), and Rev. Slopsema (Spiritual Advisor). Their hard work and diligent labor was greatly appreciated.

Those who were elected at the delegate meeting this past convention were mentioned in an earlier Beacon Lights article, but just to refresh your memory they are as follows:

Vice-President, Kevin Gritters, son of Rev. Barry and Lori Gritters. He is a member of Hudsonville PRC, and has served as the President of the Young People’s Society. He attends Calvin College and is working to become a civil engineer. He is working at Prein&Newhof this summer as an overseer inspector. He is 19 years old.

Vice-Secretary, Rachel Kuiper, daughter of Clare and Jan Kuiper. She is a member of Hope PRC. She graduated from Covenant Christian High School in 2001 and is now working as a secretary at Kleyn Electric. She hopes to see the Fed. Board work more closely with the Young Peoples’ Societies throughout the coming year.

Vice-Treasurer, Brad Vander Veen, son of Ralph and Cindy Vander Veen. He is 20 years old and a member of Hudsonville PRC. He is currently taking classes at GVSU, pursuing a degree in engineering. Brad would like to see more coalition between the Young Peoples’ Societies throughout the season.

Youth Coordinator, Mr. Jim Holstege, is the father of four children and is a member of Southeast PRC. He has worked in agriculture all of his life and currently runs his own flower and perennial business with his wife, Kathi. He has led the Young Peoples’ Society on and off for 7 years. He has also spent three years on the scholarship committee. He would like to see more of the older members in the Young Peoples’ Societies to provide leadership for the younger members.

Spiritual Advisor, Rev. Barry Gritters has been a pastor at Hudsonville PRC since 1994.

We welcome the new members to the Federation Board and pray God’s blessing upon them as they begin this work.