Federation Board Update

Greetings from the Fed Board.

Although it is only April and many young people are probably not yet thinking about the convention, the Federation Board is looking forward to it and is busy preparing for it. We are currently working to help Southeast PRC, the host church of the 2015 convention, with many different things. This convention will be held at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI. The theme will be “The Man-Eating Lion Survival Guide“ based on 1 Peter 5:8: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” We greatly encourage every young person to attend this convention. All who are involved in the planning and work of the convention are laboring so that this convention may build the young people up spiritually. This convention will be filled with excitement and fun activities, but we all pray that it will also increase the young people in their love for Christ.

The Fed Board is not only helping with the present convention, but it is also working to establish a better process for hosting future conventions. Members of the Fed Board are working on a project with the steering committee of Southeast PRC, as well as members of past steering committees, to make the planning and hosting of future conventions easier for future host congregations.

The Federation Board also continues to work with Alex Thompson to form a staff for the newly formed “Young Calvinists” group. The Young Calvinists group was established in an effort further to unite the young people’s societies of the PRC, to encourage fellowship between our young peoples and young adult societies, and to create a greater enthusiasm for our Protestant Reformed heritage among young people. This group is presently working to arrange exciting activities for the young people and young adults of the denomination and to publish edifying articles on the Young Calvinists blog. We are always looking for writers for the Young Calvinists blog and are especially looking for a secretary and three others to help with the planning of events and speeches. Please prayerfully consider if you are able to help in any of these areas!

Another committee that will soon be beginning their important work again is the PR Scholarship Committee. The Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer of the Fed Board will be attending the Scholarship Committee meeting this month. This group will again be working to come up with questions for the next Protestant Reformed teachers/ministers scholarship paper. We encourage all those who are studying in college right now and all those who plan to go to college next year to be a teacher or minister to write this scholarship paper and submit it to the PR Scholarship Committee. The information concerning the 2015 Scholarship paper will be available in late March.

Over the next few months, as all of these committees continue to meet, please pray for them. Pray that our work will profit the churches and will benefit the young people of the church spiritually.