Federation Board Update

The current Federation Board year is coming to a close, and it is time to introduce our new nominees.  First, a word of thanks to the members who will soon be retiring from their 2-year terms.  Thank you to Rev. Langerak, Matt DeBoer, Brad Ophoff, Lynette Bleyenberg, and Lydia Koole for the time and effort that you have put in.  We greatly appreciate all of your hard work! Now we look forward to another year with our new nominees.

Our two nominees for the spiritual advisor position are Rev. Spronk and Rev. Overway.  Rev. Overway came to Grand Rapids from Doon PR Church in Iowa to be minister of Hope PR Church of Grand Rapids a few years ago.  Rev. Spronk was ordained as minister of Peace PR Church in Illinois in 2007, and recently took the call to Faith PR Church, where he has been serving as their pastor since November of 2014.

For vice president, Taylor Dykstra and Zach Kuiper were nominated.  Taylor is a member of Trinity PR Church and currently attends Grand Valley State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys fishing, reading, and carpentry.  Zach Kuiper is a member of Hudsonville PR Church.  He graduated from Covenant Christian High School and currently attends Davenport University for accounting.

Nominations for the vice treasurer include Joel Langerak and Austin Brower.  Joel graduated from Covenant Christian High School in 2013.  He is currently attending Calvin College, majoring in math and secondary education with a minor in music.  He hopes to become a math teacher at one of our Protestant Reformed schools.  He is currently a member of Hope PR Church of Grand Rapids.  Joel is happy to have the opportunity to serve on the Federation Board; he sees it as a great way to become involved in the work of the church and to serve the young people of that church by encouraging growth in both their faith and in their godly relationships with one another.  Austin is a member of Hudsonville PR Church. He currently attends Grand Valley State University with a sales/marketing major with plans to go into the business field of sales.  Austin likes to hunt, fish, golf and play any sports you can think of.  He currently works as a lab technician at Vibration Research Corporation.

Next, the nominations for vice secretary are Sharon Kleyn and Miriam Koerner. Sharon is a member of Grace PR Church.  She graduated from Covenant Christian High School in 2014.  She currently works part-time as a secretary for Jonathan Kamps Carpentry and also part-time at Motman’s Greenhouses in Allendale.  Sharon looks forward to being vice secretary on the Federation Board, serving the young people of our denomination if it is the will of God for her at this time.  Miriam is a member of Southeast PR Church.  This fall, she plans to transfer to Grand Valley State University from Grand Rapids Community College to pursue a degree in elementary education.  She works part-time as a server for Russ’ Restaurant.  She is excited about the possibility of serving on the Federation Board because it would give her much joy to serve the church and especially the young people, promoting a love for Christian fellowship among the saints.

Finally, the Fed Board has nominated Taylor Noorman and Elizabeth Ensink for the position of librarian.  Taylor is a member of Faith PR Church.  She recently graduated from Grand Rapids Community College with a degree in dental assisting.  She currently works at McMahon Family dental.  She enjoys spending time with her family and staying active with sports.  Elizabeth is a current member at Trinity PR Church.  She is a junior at Hope College, where she is pursuing a double major in biology and creative writing.  Her goal is to write or edit in the field of science research or public health.  This summer she plans on doing biology education research at Hope and will work in Hope’s writing center in the fall.  Liz is thankful for this opportunity to possibly be on the Federation Board after being blessed with their work while in young people’s society.  She looks forward to serving if she is elected.

The Fed Board would like to thank those who have willingly accepted their nominations.  We await the voting to take place at this year’s convention to see who we will be serving with.  We ask for continued prayers and support as we continue the labor on behalf of the young people, working to serve and glorify God in all our work.