Federation Board Update

Greetings again from the Fed Board!  As your Executive Board, it is our duty to keep you informed on what we are doing and what we plan to do this year, as well as provide a reminder of who we are.

This year, the Board consists of 11 members.  Each member is nominated by the previous board and elected by delegates from each Young Peoples’ Society at the yearly Young People’s Convention.  This year the president is Taylor Dykstra, who leads the monthly meetings.  The vice president, Brandon Kaptein, assists the president and presides over meetings in his absence.  The secretary, Sharon Kleyn, compiles and records meeting minutes and is in close contact with the young people societies and other committees. She is assisted by the vice secretary, Katelyn Van Overloop.  The treasurer is Joel Langerak, who manages the finances of the Board (report for 2015-2016 can be seen below).  He is assisted by the vice treasurer, Dan Gritters.  The librarian is Elizabeth Ensink, who plans mass meetings and singspirations.  We also have two spiritual advisors, Rev. C. Spronk and Rev. R. Van Overloop, who give the Board spiritual guidance.  The youth coordinator is Dan Langerak, who works in conjunction with Young Calvinists. The Board has established the new position of Convention Coordinator, a position held by Karl Dykstra, who brings his experience in chairing a convention to the benefit of the Fed Board and future hosting churches.

As stated in the Constitution of the Board, the purpose of the Fed Board is: 1) To enable all Protestant Reformed Young Peoples’ Societies to work in close unity; 2) To guide these societies so they develop in faith and doctrine, particularly by means of a Federation publication (the Beacon Lights); 3) To give united expression to our specific Protestant Reformed character, or in other words, to uphold the doctrines and confessions taught by the Protestant Reformed Churches.

The duty of the Fed Board in general is to serve the young people of our denomination, and we do that in several ways.  The Board oversees the work done in planning the yearly Young People’s Convention, along with overseeing three other committees that serve the Young People:  Beacon Lights, the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Committee, and Young Calvinists.  The Fed Board also collects dues from the Young Peoples’ Societies, which help fund Beacon Lights, PR Scholarship Committee, and some convention costs.  Some other Fed Board duties include planning mass meetings and the annual pre-convention singspiration.

The Fed Board takes seriously our work to serve the young people of our denomination.  To that end, we encourage you to continue to actively participate in your young people’s society so you may grow closer to each other as friends and grow in your spiritual life as well.  You will become stronger in your faith and help benefit the church as the next generation. We as a Board covet your prayers as we carry out our important work, and we in turn will pray for you as the future of the church!

In Christ’s Service,

Taylor Dykstra, President


*Taylor is a member of Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI.