Fishers of Men

Simon Peter, James and John
Were fishermen by trade.
Jesus called them: Follow Me,
And promptly they obeyed.
Jesus taught them many things:
About His Father’s will,
About the heav’nly kingdom,
And what He must fulfill.

For three years their instruction
Was given by the Lord
And they were thus preparing
To speak their Master’s word.
Their calling was a great one –
Instead of catching fish
They now would preach the gospel;
It was their Master’s wish.

God poured His Holy Spirit
On them on Pentecost.
They were empowered to labor
That Christ would save the lost.
They called men to repentance;
Those who believed were saved
And they received the Spirit –
No more to sin enslaved.

Jesus calls men still today
To preach His holy word;
Instructing in His statutes
As men of old had heard.
And so throughout the ages
He gathers all His own
Who’ll reign with Him in heaven:
Christ sitting on the throne.