For Whom Are You Voting?

Every year at the Young People’s Convention, there is a meeting of the Delegate Board, which is made up of two delegates from each Young People’s society represented. One of the things the Delegate Board does at the Convention is vote for members of the Federation Board,  which presides over the Young People’s Society. This board meets once a month, requiring all members to be members of churches in West Michigan.

Because all of the members are from West Michigan, this brings about the unfortunate reality that some of the young people and their delegates from out-of-state churches are not familiar with the nominees. This article is meant to serve the purpose of introducing each of the Federation Board nominees to the out-of-state young people and even to those who are local but unfamiliar with the nominees.

Vice President

The nominees for the office of Vice President are Dave Koole and Brian Feenstra. Dave is a member of Hope PRC in Walker and has a job as a farm worker. His goals for the Fed Board are to help the youth of our churches understand the seriousness of growing spiritually, seeing that they are the future of the church of Christ.

Brian Feenstra also attends Hope PRC in Walker. He is a full-time student and works as a blueberry farmer in his spare time. As the Vice President of Fed Board, he would like to serve the young people in the Protestant Reformed Churches and develop some familiarity with other members in the church.

Vice Treasurer
Brian Key and Joe Holstege are the nominees for Vice Treasurer. Brian recently started a new job working full-time for a small landscape company in Holland called Top Cut Lawn Care Services.  He is a member of Grandville PRC. His goals for Fed Board include trying to get more of our young people involved in published literature made available to our churches. There are so many sources of information and ways to learn more about God and his truths, yet many young people don’t seem to try to get themselves involved with these things or take advantage of these resources.

Joe is a full time student at Calvin College and attends Southeast PRC. His goals consist of the promotion of more activities that get the young people talking about spiritual things. With young people’s societies, mass meetings, conventions and the Beacon Lights, the Fed Board has been working toward this goal for years, but as the days grow darker and the kingdom of antichrist continues to grow stronger, we Christians need to shine ever brighter in our witness. Boldness as a Christian is strengthened by spiritual exercise, and so the more activities that get the young people talking, thinking, listening, and singing, the better.

Vice Secretary

The two nominees for Vice Secretary are Erika Schipper and Monica Koole. Erika attends Southwest PRC and works as a medical assistant for the Spectrum Health Medical Group. As vice secretary, she would like to have an opportunity to work with and for the young people as they grow in their spiritual life, encouraging them to continue in the walk of faith.

Monica works as a secretary for Kleyn Electric and attends Hope PRC in Walker. Her goals for the Fed Board include using this board in support of the young people of our churches for their spiritual benefit.

Spiritual Advisor

The nominees for spiritual advisor are Rev. Carl Haak and Rev. Bill Langerak. Rev. Haak is the pastor of Georgetown PRC. As spiritual advisor, he would encourage unity among the Young People’s Societies and a growth in love one for another and for God’s precious church.

Rev. Langerak is the minister of Southeast PRC. His goal for Fed Board is to help the Board with spiritual advice so they can carry out their calling to help promote the unity and spiritual growth of the young people to the honor and glory of God.

Youth Coordinator

Jonathon Kamps and Dan VanUffelen make up the nominees for Youth Coordinator. Jonathon is a builder who attends Hope PRC in Walker. As Youth Coordinator, Jonathon would like to work for the unity of all of the societies in every aspect of what the Board does.

Dan VanUffelen is also a member of Hope PRC and is a high school English and church history teacher at Covenant Christian High School. His goal is that the Fed Board continues in a distinctively Protestant Reformed way.