Friendship with God is our greatest gift of joy.

That friendship shown us in the death of his Son

Is the greatest friendship there ever shall be.

In Christ Jesus, God’s friends we ever remain.

No one can pluck us from this amazing bond,

For God who is sovereign has made us his friends

God in this friendship shows to us who he is:

The only  God whose name receives all glory.

With this in mind we make our friendships on earth,

With those who have also been made friends of God,

Who were made such through the blood of Christ Jesus,

Who purchased for us the right to be His friends

The friends we choose must picture our Savior, Christ,

The greatest of friends who died for all our sins.

God sends friends to us to share with us his love,

To reflect the friendship he has made with us.

Choose the friends of God to also be your friends,

Who serve Christ alone who is our greatest friend.

True Friends will with you give all glory to God,

Who alone deserves all our praise forever.

Treasure always God’s gift of friendship with us.

Reflect that friendship in your relationships

Do so with those who through Christ are God’s close friends

May your friends reflect God’s friendship made with us.