From the Federation Board

The Federation Board would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the young People’s Society of Hudsonville Church for the time and effort which they furnished in order to make this past convention a great success. We realize the responsibility as well as the great privilege it is for one society to sponsor a convention. – The fruits of your labors, as well as those of Rev. Woudenberg, Prof. Hanko and Rev. Engelsma, are evidenced by our confession…”It was good for us to have been there.”
We would also like to thank the retiring board members for their dedication throughout the past two years. We as young people do not always realize the hard work and diligence which it requires to be a member of the Federation Board. Therefore, on behalf of the young people, we would like you to know that we appreciate your efforts and we wish you God’s bless.
The Federation Board
Carol Dykstra, Sec’y

Pat Kamps Moods has served our young people and our Lord long and well as subscription manager of our magazine. Having left the staff to get married, we want to thank her sincerely for a job well done and wish her God’s fullest blessings in the future.
Thank you so much.
With Christian greetings,
The Federation Board
Karyn Kuiper, Sec’y

Originally Published in:
Vol. 30 No. 6 October 1970