From the President of the Fed Board

Greeting young people and other readers. On behalf of the current Federation Board, I would like to introduce myself and the rest of the Board. The Fed Board—that is, the Federation Board of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies—is comprised of members elected by delegates at the annual Young People’s Convention. We plan the singspirations and mass meetings, oversee the Beacon Lights and Scholarship Committee, manage financial matters, and guide churches hosting the convention. Through all this, our purpose is to serve the young people in these matters (all the members were young people themselves), guide these societies in development of faith and doctrine, and profess a united expression of our specific Protestant Reformed character. Our currently elected members are:

President: Kyle Thompson
Vice-President: Karl Dykstra
Secretary: Emily Hoekstra
Assistant Secretary: Leah Koole
Treasurer: Eric Pols
Assistant Treasurer: Eric Pastoor
Librarian: Denise Kooienga
Spiritual Advisors: Professor Engelsma and Reverend Eriks
Youth Coordinator: Justin Koole

Each member has his or her specific duties—the president and vice-president lead the meeting and often speak at various young people’s functions; the secretary and her assistant record the meetings, make contacts, and provide general guidance; the treasurer and his assistant keep track of all financial matters and reports them to the board; the librarian is placed in charge of the literature we handle and plans the singspirations and mass meetings. In the meetings, we all discuss the varied matters and are given equal weight to vote on the issues. With the guidance of our spiritual advisors and the advice of our youth coordinator, we seek to uphold our purpose as stated in the Constitution of the Federation.

Through all our work, we appeal to God to serve Him and His purpose in our lives. Our meetings open and close with prayer, as we strive to stay focused on our greater goal to serve and glorify Him. What we do as the Federation Board is only one aspect of this greater goal, and it is one that we take seriously. May our work be guided by His hand.

In Christ,

Kyle Thompson, President