God’s Will

God’s will—God’s Grand Plan—those are two very significant phrases in the lives of Christians. In this paper, I will ana­lyze and attempt to answer the question: What is God’s will for my life?

First of all, there is the question of God’s grand plan for all His children and how it applies to me. The answer to this can be found by turning to the book with all the answers: The Bible. When I pray, “Thy will be done,” I pray it very seriously. I know everything happens according to God’s will and that He reveals it to me as I go along in life. God is inter­ested in me because I am a Christian. He is my Father and I am His child. Ephesians 1:11 assures me that I was predestined by God as His child and that everything will work according to His will. And Psalm 37:24 comforts me by saying that although I may stumble, God will uphold me by His hand. God’s will is best for me because He is all-knowing and all-powerful. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” That is very reassuring! And Romans 12:2 tells me that God’s will is good, pleasing, and perfect. A harder question to answer is, how do I know what God’s will is? But to answer that ques­tion also, I can look to the Bible. First, we must not worry. According to Matthew 6:31-34, God will take care of tomorrow, and Philippians 2:13 says God works in us to act according to His purpose. I also believe one of the best ways to know God’s will is to pray and to listen to Him—trusting that He will work His will through me one day at a time. I fit into God’s will through Jesus, because I’m rooted in Him, as Colossians 2:6-7 say. Proverbs 16:3-4 tell me that if I commit everything I do to the Lord, —my thoughts will be established and that the Lord works everything out according to His will. God knows what is best for us, and if we trust Him and leave everything up to Him, He will guide us on His path.

A more specific question I wonder about is what God’s specific will is for me, and how I go about finding it. First of all, I realize that God isn’t going to tell me exactly what’s going to happen in my life before it happens. God will reveal it slowly along my way in life—step by step. There is a way to go about finding God’s will in bits and pieces. I’ve dis­covered this in class at school. I need to look in the Bible first, to see if anything applies to my situa­tion. I realize God will guide me through the cir­cumstances He brings me through in life. God also guides me through the counsel of Christians who know me well, like my family and friends. Prayer is also very powerful in this aspect of life, as it is in all ways of life. Every day I pray for guidance and that God will lead me according to His will—as I know He does. I also specifically pray for guidance in career, college, and marriage. Also, in order to find God’s will there are prerequisites to follow. I need to make sure I’m a child of God, which I know through the Holy Spirit, Who testifies to me in my heart. I need to be willing to obey God with a good attitude and I also need to be willing to accept what God has planned for me. I can’t try to do what I want for myself. That won’t work. God is in con­trol. I just need to trust Him in all things.

There are a few specific things I’ve been won­dering about. What has God planned for me? One is: whom will I marry and how will I know he’s the right one? First of all, I know I can’t have a totally specific answer for that right now (especially since I don’t have a boyfriend—yet—but that’s beside the point). I’ve discussed this question with a few people to obtain their Christian guidance. My parents told me (as they always have), that it’s in God’s eternal plan and He will guide me. I know that’s the truth and that’s why I pray about it every night. My friend Beth told me she thinks I’ll marry someone who’s practical and down-to-earth so that he can “bring my head out of the clouds.” (Is she trying to tell me something here?!) Another important question in my life right now is where I will go to college. I’m pretty sure about the answer to this one, but I still pray about it daily. I’m planning on going to West­ern Michigan University here where I live. Beth thinks I should go to Calvin, but I like it here. I really am content to stay at home (at least at first), and go to college. I can keep my wonderful Chicken Coop job and some of my friends are staying here in town, too. I wouldn’t mind living on my own somewhere around here, but living in a dorm just doesn’t appeal to me. I plan to go into elementary education. I’m afraid I won’t find a job, though. Then I may be a writer. All I really want to do is get married and have a family, but I feel I should go to college and hopefully marriage and a family will come along. Beth realizes I’m pretty much set on Western, so she just advises I get involved with Inter-Varsity to make Christian friends.

Through this project I’ve come to realize even more clearly that God is in control over everything. Only He knows what the future has in store. I’ve also realized that prayer is a powerful and helpful resource when it comes to God’s will. I love my Fa­ther in Heaven and I trust that He knows what’s best for me—His child. Although I face confusing and difficult times and decisions right now, I look to Him for complete guidance.


Amy is a member of Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church.