Greetings from the Federation Board

Another year has passed, and the Federation Board has again been busy working on many projects. From planning different mass meetings and singspirations to overseeing the Scholarship Committee and the Beacon Lights, we’ve been following in the footsteps of those who came before us. We’ve been trying hard to continue to make these events and institutions both useful and interesting to the young people of our churches.

In addition to these yearly duties, we’ve also taken up a large project concerning our standing as the Federation Board. We are in the yearlong process of making the Federation Board 501C3 certified. We have long stood in a bit of a gray area with the IRS, and after much discussion and investigation, we decided to take this step to move onto firmer ground. Basically, we are registering with the IRS as a non-profit agency to clear up any potential confusion that may have arisen.

Also, something that we are looking forward to—and I’m sure that you’re looking forward to as well—is the Young People’s Convention this summer. Grandville Church will be hosting the convention at Beulah Beach Christian Camp and Retreat Center—a great-looking facility located in Vermilion, Ohio. The theme for the convention will be “Living Sacrifices of Thankfulness,” based on Romans 12:1, 2. For pictures of Beulah Beach, information on the convention, and more, visit

As we look forward, we really hope to see all of you at the Easter Singspiration and Mass Meeting, Lord willing. Keep the Federation Board in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to meet and work for you.

In Christ,

Kyle Thompson, President