Happy is that man whose God is the Lord:
The most perfect gift that life can afford.
Without this great treasure, our lives would be bleak:
No focus, no purpose, no value to seek.

How rich is the life with God’s praise its goal;
With songs in the heart and joy in the soul;
The hope of eternity: living for aye
In God’s holy presence—Oh glorious day!

The carnal man seeks his pleasure in things,
Deceiving himself that wealth gladness brings.
He wants more possessions, amusements and fame;
For people to recognize his face and name.

He revels in sin, convinced it is fun!
And ignores thoughts of God, the thrice holy One.
But God is not mocked; the wicked can’t win.
Their lot’s utter ruin: the reward of their sin.

God’s people, take heed: we don’t earn our place;
God has chosen us only through mercy and grace.
So come with thanksgiving; destroy sinful pride.
At the foot of the cross, in humility hide.