Impressions of the Convention

The 1987 Young People’s Convention. sponsored by the Loveland, Colorado, was located in a very beautiful area, Estes Park. With the mountains all around, you were once again reminded of God’s greatness and glory.

It was great to see old friends and meet a lot of new friends too. The hardest part of all was saying goodbye. knowing you probably wouldn’t see them again until next convention.

I really enjoyed the time spent in devotions with the chaperones and also the singing every morning before breakfast.

The discussion group topics were good but it seemed that the younger conventioneers didn’t say much and the older ones had to keep the discussion going. It is probably a matter of going over the topics before the convention and being prepared.

The three speeches on the “Life of David” were interesting and well prepared. The ministers did a good job.

The Loveland Young People’s Society did a very good job and I would like to thank them for all the time and work they put into this convention. It was a good experience for young people of the same faith to be together in Christian fellowship. The Lord willing, we will all meet again next year to grow spiritually in the grace and knowledge of God.