Isaiah 53

Man of Sorrows, acquainted with grief,
Despised, rejected of men.
Even His death as a common thief
Speaks to us ever again:
No fault of His, ‘twas our sins He bore,
For our transgressions, slain,
For us the crown of thorns He wore;
In our place suffered pain.

Isaiah said we all like sheep
In sin have gone astray;
The Lord’s commands we do not keep
But turn to our own way.
Yet God upon His son divine
Iniquity has laid—
Corruption that was yours and mine
Upon the cross was paid.

Yet through this agonizing way
Christ as a lamb was led
In silence; God He would obey
As His life’s blood was shed.
It pleased the Father so to bruise
His sinless Son. His plan:
For us God chose to so implant
Christ’s righteousness in man.

His holy seed thus justified;
Prolonged shall be his days;
God’s righteousness is satisfied;
We shout aloud His praise!