Jacob Have I Loved

“Jacob Have I Loved” by Jean Bees, published by Wm, B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Grand Rapids.

This is one of twenty-five books by the author, who has traveled extensively and evidently devoted much research to the writing of this book. The book is a novel on the life of Jacob; it is the first of its kind written by Rees.

This is a fairly well written novel; interest does not lag. The author evidently holds to a literal interpretation of the Old Testament and this is encouraging. The question posed by the book is: “Is Jacob to be considered a thief or one who patiently sought Divine Guidance in getting the birthright blessing?” Around this the author builds her story attempting to show that Jacob must not be considered as a wily supplanter.

There is one criticism this reviewer has and it is this. There is a definite danger in writing a “Biblical novel”; viz. one necessarily must put into the mouths of the characters things which are not actually recorded in Holy Writ. If this is not done the story could not be created.

But we let the reader decide for himself on the merits of the book. Certainly, it is not a waste of time to read this enjoyable book.

Probably the most interesting feature of this novel is the vivid picture it gives of the life and times, the customs and practices of Egypt and Palestine. This alone makes the book worth reading.