Jesus’ Temptations

When Jesus, weak from hunger
After fasting forty days
Was tempted of the devil
To reject his Father’s ways,
Although he had the power
To change stones into bread,
He’d not comply with Satan
But directed him instead:
It is written in God’s word—
Bread alone will not suffice,
Obedience must be shown;
That is more than sacrifice.

Then to a pinnacle he took
Our Savior, and requested
That he plunge down toward the ground;
For God had manifested
Angels would take care of him,
Never leaving him alone;
In their hands they’d bear him up
Lest his foot might strike a stone.
It is written, stated he,
You may not tempt the Lord!
Our Savior never faltered
But rested on God’s word.

Now from a tow’ring mountain
Satan showed a mighty view;
All kingdoms of the world
With all their glory, too—
He’d give it all to Jesus
With just one stipulation:
Fall down and worship me—
I’ll give you every nation!
Get behind me, Satan,
For it is written too
That only God, the Lord,
Has that great honor due.

The devil then departed,
For Jesus would not stray
From Father’s good commandments;
Completely he’d obey.
Obedience to the Father
Extended to his death.
That we might have redemption
He gave his final breath.
But over death he conquered
And now he reigns supreme;
His children shall reign with him
In heavenly regime.