John’s Message

The voice cried from the wilderness:
Repent, repent, repent!
God’s kingdom comes, the time is near,
The Lord will not relent.
Prepare the way of God, the Lord,
The paths must be made straight.
The time is short, O evil men,
God’s wrath will not abate.

I’m sent to baptize those who come
Repenting of their sin,
In sorrow clad, with contrite heart,
A new life to begin.
With water I now baptize you,
A sign of what’s to be:
Messiah comes—He’ll pay the price
His people to set free.

And still today that message comes;
May we have ears to hear
And hearts that by the grace of God
To Him draw ever near.
With sorrow clothed, may we repent
And strive to run our race
As children of His covenant
Dependent on His grace.